The scientist has proven that Coronavirus rests in the throat for 4 to 5 days of its initial stage and then it enters into the digestive system of the patient which makes it more fatal to stop acting on the human body. It is difficult to know if any individual is infected by Coronavirus because it gives a sign of contamination within 14 days and that might be too late.


How to use Chlovirom ™?

Self-medication is the only way to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19). Chlovirom™ with its unique formulae will be a good choice to act immediately and stops Coronavirus to harm your body. We suggest one exercise, Every morning take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. While releasing it if you cough or felt tired that means you could be contaminated by Coronavirus or else you are safe.

In case you find yourself contaminated, take 1 tablet empty stomach every morning with lukewarm water. This will push Coronavirus from throat to the digestive system, where it will get mixed with Chlovirom ™ and gastric acids. A unique formula of Chlovirom™ will destroy the Coronavirus as early as possible. 

Today, the increase in the number of patients with food poisoning is on the verge of becoming a scientific problem. Climate change and pollution, the use of pesticides and other fertilizers in agriculture (etc.) are the crucial factors that contaminate our food chain or affect the quality of food. Climate change and pollution are the main contributors to food and water pollution. Food contamination and water pollution are major concerns around the world.


Antidotrin ™ will act immediately and stop diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, chills, etc. caused by food poisoning or microbial poisoning.


Antidotrin ™ is 100% herbal and is made up of a unique formula. It's secure with almost no side effects.





Brewtaal is also active in the mass distribution of surgical products with the aim of bridging the gap between pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers worldwide. We distribute specialized pharmaceutical products to distributors, local wholesalers, and hospitals.

Brewtaal specializes in the supply and supply of niche products and medicines that are difficult to find for oncological and immunological diseases, but also for products allowing prevention against the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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